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Kato HO - Locomotiva EF510-500 - #515 Hokutosei: 1-314

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Kato HO - Locomotiva EF510-500 - #515 Hokutosei: 1-314

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Locomotiva  EF510-500 - #515, Hokutosei - Kato Japão.

Locomotiva da "East Japanrailway Company"

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Especificações do modelo (em inglês):

  •  Power unit truck power unit system for the new development. In coreless motor equipped, conventional products more power performance is demonstrated.
  • Achieve the minimum passing radius 360mm in single machine. Able allowed to easily run even on the table, and achieve a nimble driving performance. Consolidated traveling in steep curve, possible by mounting truck mount coupler of optional plans (for locomotive-passenger).
  • Head / tail lights appeared in the specification where you can enjoy a variety of how to play.
  • Headlights lit during forward in the light bulb color LED.
  • Tail lights, mode selection in the train radio antenna type selector switch. 3 mode lighting state of can be reproduced.
  •  "Driving mode" non-lighting mode in ... train towing.
  •   "Single machine forward mode" ... single machine forward when the rear left and right lighting mode.
  •   "Replacement mode" ... replacement during running both ends one side lighting mode is selectable.
  • Considering the DCC sound decoder installed, it combines the missing real texture and sound, and fitted with a see-through side air filter.
  • To ensure the mounting space of DCC decoder, sound-enabled speaker in the car body. Installation of DCC decoder, please request to our Custom Shop (under consideration implementation period).
  • Accurately reproduces the single arm pantograph FPS5 pantograph made of metal. To realize specific roof wiring in the adoption of metal wire, high pressure insulator representation the application of insulation grease in green. As much as possible to reduce the user mounting parts. If taken out of the box, you can enjoy the soon traveling, "READY TO RUN"
  • To help you enjoy the additional work, signal flare, whistle and wireless antenna is scheduled to be sold separately.
  • Body number is printed. JR Freight machine EF510-6. Hokutosei color EF510-501. Cassiopeia color EF510-510.
  • Hokutosei color, in the period of re-production, change in accordance with the actual vehicle of trend test title and printed license plate (515 Units).
  • Quick head mark and Hokutosei color, comes with the Cassiopeia color.

Código do conjunto: 1-314

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