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Kato HO - Locomotiva GE P42 Amtrak - #156

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Kato HO - Locomotiva GE P42 Amtrak - #156

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Locomotiva GE P42 "Genesis" 40° Aniversário "Paint Phase I" #156

Especificações do modelo (em inglês):

  • Directional headlights and tail lights on both the front and rear of the locomotive, allowing it to operate as both a standard pulling locomotive with double heading capability or a push-pull engine, whether oriented facing forward or back.
  • Illuminated pre-printed numberboards
  • Capable of navigating minimum 370mm (14 3/5") radius curves (R1 radius in Europe), allowing the P42 to go where previous Kato locomotives have never been able to go before - dining room tables, coffee tables, spaces previously reserved exclusively for N scale!
  • Brand new coreless truck-motor drive paired with a super-heavy solid metal body mechanism; doubling the number of motors while increasing the traction potential and weight for new standard of running smoothness and pulling power.
  • A unique "Phase I" homage paint scheme decorates this otherwise modern service locomotive, replicated down to the last detail in HO scale form.

Código do conjunto: 37-6104

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